GROUP AREA Rates 2018


With the OHIOPYLE BUCKWHEAT FESTIVAL being in mid-October,             Scarlett Knob Campground is EXTENDING THEIR REGULAR SEASON TO October 21, 2018!  ALL regular services will be available until then.  LIMITED SERVICES will begin October 22, 2018.

The GROUP AREA WILL CLOSE 21 October 2018 until the 2019 Regular Season.

2018 Rates

             The  GROUP  AREA  has different size sites for different size groups…               2 to 4 people, 5 to 8 people, 9 to 16 people, 17 to 35 people, and 36 to 60 people.

1 or 2 People on a 2 to 4 person site is $27.00 per night.                                                                                                                     Add $13.50 for each additional person up to 4.

5 or less People on a 5 to 8 person site is $67.50 per night.                                                                                                                 Add $13.50 for each additional person up to 8.

9 or less People on a 9 to 16 person site is $121.50 per night.                                                                                                           Add $13.50 for each additional person up to 16.

17 or less People on a 17 to 35 person site is $229.50 per night.                                                                                                       Add $13.50 for each additional person up to 35.

36 or less People on a 36 to 60 person site is $486.00 per  night.                                                                                                     Add $13.50 for each additional person up to 60.

In addition to the camping fee, there is a


A security deposit of $5.00 per person per stay is due, IN CASH, from the group leader upon arrival. This deposit is refundable, barring problems, to the group leader after the site is cleaned up, vacated, and inspected.

                                       NOTE: The Group Area is for TENT CAMPING.                                                             There are NO water or electric hook-ups in the Group Area.

Check-in 1 p.m. or later        Check-out by 11 a.m.

PLEASE NOTE:  When reservations are made, we deal with one person per site. We accept payment from this person only. We do not accept multiple checks or charges for a single site reservation.

Reservations are not required but are strongly suggested due to limited space. 

DRIVE-INS WELCOME after 1pm every day!

AS OF 7 SEPTEMBER 2018: Reservations CAN be made form ONE on weekends (Friday and Saturday): (2 nights – Friday and Saturday OR Saturday and Sunday on Holidays in 2019).  This means everyone who will be camping on that site during the dates book, pays for the stay of the group.   We do not “swap campers” or permit late check-ins or early check-outs to avoid paying for your reservation.  Site Leaders are information of everything when making a reservation.    There is no price difference per night for any night of the season, except on 2018 Season Specials listed and 2019 Holidays.


Refund Policy

Your payment guarantees your specific site reservation which means we must refuse to book your site for anyone else. We do not over book. Due to limited availability & length of season, there are NO REFUNDS OR RESCHEDULES on late arrivals, no shows, or cancellations with less than 30 days advance notice. Cancellations with 30 days advance notice will be charged a processing fee of 8% of the total cost. No refunds includes, but is not limited to, inclement weather, illness, river conditions, or work schedules. Group leaders should be sure all group members understand the refund policy before making reservations.