Enjoying Your Stay

Check-in………………1 PM or later        Check-out……No later than 11 AM

ALL SCARLETT KNOB  CAMPERS are expected to Respect the rights & privacy of other campers.

SCARLETT   KNOB   does have rules and regulations campers are expected to abide by.    They are common sense rules and regulations that preserve the integrity of the land and campground and so everyone can enjoy their stay.

THE TREES are important to us at SCARLETT KNOB.  DO NOT PUT NAILS, SCREWS, TOOLS, OR LANTERNS IN THE TREES.  You are welcome to hang a hammock by using ropes only.  No chains are to be wrapped around the trees and no notches are to be made in the trees to hold the ropes in place.

FIRES are to be confined to grills or existing fire rings.  Additional fire rings are not to be built.  Fires are not to be left unattended at any time. Extinguish fires before retiring for the night and leaving campsite.

FIREWOOD is not provided. The operation of chain saws and use of saws is prohibited. Firewood can be purchased at the office during store hours.


Motor bikes can be driven from campsite to outside & back only. ATV’s are prohibited. You are welcome to drive your car or truck to the store or office but all vehicles are to remain on roadways or in parking areas.

4-Wheeling & driving through the woods or fields are PROHIBITED.

Visitors to SCARLETT KNOB campers must register, pay fees, and receive a car pass BEFORE proceeding to site.   Visitors are welcome between 9 am & 9 pm.   The number of visitors permitted is limited by the site size.   For example: If you are on a 5 to 8 person site and have 5 people – a maximum of 3 visitors will be permitted.   Registered campers should inform the office when visitors are expected.

Bicycles are permitted. SCARLETT KNOB does NOT have bicycle trails on grounds.  You are welcome to ride to the store or restrooms, but the roads are dirt and all vehicles travel the same roads. Helmets are required when riding on grounds.

Paintball/Airsoft  markers / guns  are  Prohibited  in  the  camping  areas  and  on the  recreation  field. 

       We ask you RESPECT  the  rights  &  privacy of other campers.        Do not randomly visit other campsites.                 

   Abusive, drunken, or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.         

               The use of FIREWORKS is NOT permitted on grounds.                         

             QUIET HOURS: GROUP AREA Enforced  Midnight until 9am.                          QUIET HOURS: FAMILY AREA Enforced  9 pm until 9am.                              QUIET  HOURS includes  all  musical  instruments,  electronic                                 devices, radios, tvs, and generators being OFF.                                

Campers need to be on their own site during Quiet Hours.