Sites Available


There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has hit all of us.  Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf shut us down from 18 March until 1 May 2020.   We are not hesitant to say, this has hit our business hard!  

To help you be better informed, we are providing information on Site Availability.  To view the availability, choose a month from the drop down menu.  Each week has a listings for Availability of Group Area Sites by size, Quite Area Sites by type, and Water and 20-amp Electric Hookup Sites.  Each week starts on FRIDAY.  Weeks should rotate so the upcoming weekend (beginning on Friday) is at the top of the page.

Reservations can be made (with a MasterCard or Visa) any day of the week by calling Scarlett Knob.  Reservations can be made anytime prior to arrival... a month .... a week... the day before... the day of!

                    CALL SCARLETT KNOB AT  724-329-5200.

Staff will make every attempt to update these pages on Thursdays and when a particular site size or type becomes unavailable.  Please feel free to call to confirm availability.