WE ARE Pet Friendly!



We lost Freedom – the yellow lab – to old age 4 June 2015.   So now there’s our black lab and our chocolate lab.

liberty h

Please  observe  these  pet  rules  so  all  campers  can  enjoy  camping  as  much  as  you  and  your  pet.

> Pets are to be kept on a leash of 6 feet or less.

> Pets are to be attended at all times.

> Pets are NOT to be left on grounds when you go out for the day or evening.

> Pets are NOT permitted in the buildings.

> Pet owners are to clean up after their pets.

If you pet does, by chance, get off his/her leash, please notify the office immediately.  724-329-5200.  Thank you.


We also have “Office Cats!”  (Not much help – but they are here!)

kitty chaos