What We Do …

WE DO permit a specific site to be reserved.  If you have a FAVORITE SITE and it’s the appropriate size and available when you make your reservation, we  WILL reserve that site for you.

WE DO attempt to choose the BEST SITE available to meet your needs when you make a reservation. Please note, the rule of thumbs is, if your tent space equals the number of people on your site, there is ample space for your tents. For example, if you have 3 couples (6 people on a 5 to 8 person site) with a four-man tent and a two-man tent, the site will accommodate you. However, if one coupe has an eight-man tent, they have maxed out the available space, so there won’t be room for other tents.

WE DO permit house pets. Pet are to be attended at all times (meaning not to be left alone when you leave the site.)  Pets are to be kept on a leash of 6foot ore less.  Pet Owners are to clean up after their pets.

WE DO have a separate area for GROUP TENT CAMPING. Sites in the group area are size specific.  Quiet hours begin at Midnight and alcohol is permitted ON THE SITE.  A security deposit of $5 per person is due IN CASH from the group leader upon arrival.  If no damage is done and the site is left clean, the deposit is returned to the group leader.

WE DO accept DRIVE-INS  after 1pm every day!  Reservations require 2 nights on weekends (Friday and Saturday): (3 nights – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – on Holidays).    This means everyone who will be camping on that site during the dates book, pays for at least two nights on Weekends or three nights on Holidays.  We do not “swap campers” or permit late check-ins or early check-outs to avoid paying for your reservation.

WE DO accept Drive-Ins (without Reservations) after 1 PM.  (Check out is still 11AM.)

WE DO permit visitors. Visitors must register and pay fee before going on grounds.  Visitors must be off grounds by 9PM,

WE DO check-ins any time after 1PM.  Your camping day begins at 1PM.  Staff is available for check-ins after the store closes (at midnight) so EVERYONE needs to stop to register and get a car pass and directions to the site.

WE DO check-outs between 8AM and 11AM.  Your camping day ends at 11AM.

WE DO permit motorbikes but ONLY to be driven in and out of the campground – NOT around grounds

WE DO enforce quiet hours in the FAMILY AREA from 9PM to 9AM and the GROUP AREA from MIDNIGHT until 9AM. Quiet Hours means all radios, tvs, electronic devices, and generators being OFF.  Quiet Hours also includes campers being on their respective site.

WE DO expect campers to respect the privacy of other campers.

WE DO ask campers NOT randomly visit other campsites.

WE DO require children be supervised.

WE DO permit bicycles to be ridden on grounds.  HELMETS are required.  Children are NOT permitted to ride without adult supervision.

WE DO require fires to be contained to the existing firerings and attended at all times.  Fires need to be extinguished before you leave your site.