Camping Options



SCARLETT KNOB has a Group TENT Camping Area.  In this area, there are different size sites to accommodate different size groups.  Quiet Hours are from Midnight until 9AM in the group area.  Group sizes are 2 to 4 people, 5 to 8 people, 9 to 16 people, 17 to 35 people, and 36 to 60 people.  The sites are sized by the number of people – not the number of tents.  A good rule of thumb is – If your tent spaces adds up to the number of people you have, you should fit on the site.  For example:  There are 6 people in your group.  Your site would be the 5 to 8 person site.  So, if there a 3 two-man tents (3 times 2 equals 6), you should fit on the site.  Likewise, 1 four-man tent and 1 two-man tent should fit on the site.  However, if 2 people plan on using 1 eight-man tent just for themselves, that eight-man tent has taken the tent space everyone shares.  6 people can share the eight-man tent, but there won’t be additional space for other tents.  Parking is adjacent to the site – separated from the site by rocks – vehicles are not permitted on the site itself.


Couples - Individuals - A Family

 SCARLETT KNOB has a separate area for couples, individuals, and families who prefer more privacy.  Sites have a picnic table, fire ring, and tent area.  You park adjacent to your site. All of these sites are sized for a maximum of 5 people.  Quiet hours are from 9 pm until 9 am.


Pop-ups - Small Campers - Vans

SCARLETT KNOB has sites with water and 20-amp electric hook-ups available for pop-ups, small campers, and vans.  ALL of these sites are sized for a maximum of 5 people and are in the area where quiet hours begin at 9PM.